Red Post Timestamp…



I dont have to worry about sitting in the meeting hall for one whole day

I dont have to get complaints from my readers anymore

coz the best of having own domain:


i can set an advance time to publish all entries…kewlllllllllll!!! so kalo aku tido ari ahad tu, nak post entry kol 3ptg ke kol 12tgh malam ke sume boleh, janji aku set dr kol bape aku nak anto kan kan …syok aaa…


so katalah sok aku ada whole day mtg, aku cuma setkan 4,5 entries for one whole day, and set time kol bape entry tu nak kuor, WOOOSHHH, terus dia kuor di waktu2 tersebut.


kelasss!!!! contohnya spt entry ini, i drafted at 1120pm, i set this to be published at 830am. This is the Red Magic that i m talking about. hiks…. magic tak??







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No more emails…

so i decided to stop sending the email notification..

dengo spam2 by yahoo dek shah cakap tu lagi la aku ngeri …


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Red Diva to Red Readers… has received 100 registered users at the moment. numbers will increase every day and every minute.


just that, i have a question for you, one of the privilage of being a member in , you are notified for every latest post in my blog.  Email notification is sending by automatically to all of you.


But sometimes i still feel that it will spam your mailbox, kot2 le korang x suka aku anto notification gitu kan. so pls tell me, do u still want to have the email notification whenever this blog has new update entry, or otherwise?


Your call.


My red divas yang lain tu, yang lom jadi member it s fine, u can just drop by to my new house ni, refresh as usual and layannnn…..





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Red diva to red lovers…

yes u must be wondering kenapa x de new entry langsung, biasanya kat blogspot lama, sampai 4-6 entries per day…i m truly sorry. bukan sebab aku nak tunggu comments hit to 100 but apparently i got stuck wt conducting the interview for one whole day at menara’s office. moderation of comments are done by sirman and sometimes aku cilok tengok kejap bila agak2 mata ku dah kuyu dalam interview session.

just roughly to answer some of your questions:


  • i m not uploading my old entries from blogspot pasai ada almost 1200 entries, thousands of photos wt 10,192 comments from my old house, kalo upload ke sini, jadi makin kuranglah storage umah baru ni. dahlah umah lama tu photos allocation dah abih. ada gak kena pindah domain lain plak kang.



  • please do not remove my old blog from your link, that s y aku cakap pls add in, tambah satu lagi link of in your link log. once u hv linked my , do drop me an email, tell me that u hv done it pastu baru aku mskkan lam umah baru ni punya link log. your blog link in my old blogspot will remain there forever, coz ppl will still visit my old house, specially the new readers, or sipolan2 yang suka baca archive mak merah. Do add in, and do email me. kalo ko bgtau that you hv linked me from the comments button, tak guna sayang oi, i will only entertain via email. boleh ye? as simple as that.



  • the banner of my new house ni masih lagi pakai gambar lama, y and y coz it was generated by mr sirman. some more it was done by my readers. the banner should be flashing wt lots of photos, tapi paham2 la sayang oi, ni pun umah baru, ada lagi barang yang lom 100% masuk and decorate. from time to time we will do minor changes. sesapa yang pandai menghasilkan gambar cantum for the red diva, you are welcomed to do so. tangan aku x artistik, sirman lagi lah x kuasa so at the moment, kita pakai dulu mana yang ada.




  • Behind the scene, it s not ez for sirman to do this web. banyak masalah pun ye, banyak kerenah bininya pun ye. as u all know the wife doesnt know anything bout the html, coding etc, yang dia tau nak merah nak merah nak camni nak camtu. hang tau tak sirman tido everyday almost 3pagi semata2 nak menghasilkan the best for the wife. makan minum bersuap, dia x tinggalkan laptop dia just to make sure that we can launch on Feb 11. No reason for the date but dia yang promised me that he will do in 2 wks time, so ari2 lah mak gegar… hiks… anw darling sirman, i thank you a lot. of course my lovely readers are thanking for your effort too.




  • As i m posting this entry, 62 users have registered for members, you are notified for any new entry in my blog. Ujang MD was the one yang suggested me to have it like Redmummy’s fans, bih kurang gitu lah..the more the merrier.


  • I believe that or has it s own name already, it s a brand name belong to a mother, daughter, wife and a blogger. you are not fanatic to the person, but u are fan to the blog. Thank you thank you so much for standing by dari zaman blogspot ku sampai ke domain sendiri.



I shall write more…. soon. kalo ada kelainan in font version, colouring and photos in this new house, pls pardon me, i m still new, trying to get use wt the new web too. pelan2 kayuh la ye..





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First entry of

Salam and good day to all of you, my loyal and my new readers..This is my new web, my new blog – , my old blog is no longer in service, we have moved to a new house, new layout and new look.


After taking his 2 weeks sweet time, Sirman has finally finished upgrading and godeking my new web blog. Thank you to him coz without him, takde maknanya web blog aku ni nak ada… coz i dont know a single code etc bout this.


My old stories and photos will remain at my old blog , but numbers of readers are linked back to this blog (agak2 lah takkan aku nak mula dr zero kan dah tentu ratus ribu dah readers aku).


Please do add in my new web blog address, as usual do drop me an email if you have linked me (please do not put yr blog add in the comments button, leave it over email at, Tq).


To those who loves give bad and harsh comments, you are not welcomed to do so, if u try your luck by sending to my comments button – it is very easy for me to detect you and i will not hesitate to take you to the pak polisi. I have enough experience wt lalats in my old blog, so please leave me alone.


This is a story bout me, bout red diva, red family and everything is about RED. I hope you like my new home, my Red blog.




Redmummy @ Kak Red

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