Red Post Timestamp…



I dont have to worry about sitting in the meeting hall for one whole day

I dont have to get complaints from my readers anymore

coz the best of having own domain:


i can set an advance time to publish all entries…kewlllllllllll!!! so kalo aku tido ari ahad tu, nak post entry kol 3ptg ke kol 12tgh malam ke sume boleh, janji aku set dr kol bape aku nak anto kan kan …syok aaa…


so katalah sok aku ada whole day mtg, aku cuma setkan 4,5 entries for one whole day, and set time kol bape entry tu nak kuor, WOOOSHHH, terus dia kuor di waktu2 tersebut.


kelasss!!!! contohnya spt entry ini, i drafted at 1120pm, i set this to be published at 830am. This is the Red Magic that i m talking about. hiks…. magic tak??







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