Quaker Oats Smart Heart Challenge

After being away for quite a while, let s get back to my usual blogpost first (I owe u the ‘journey’ of my mom), it took me quite a while to digest back my life, I was down for weeks before I can get up to my routine 🙁 . 


Let s help me with my diet, and your diet too.

Quaker Oats? Tipulah kalau takde sorang pun among u tak tau this famous brand. At least pernah la makan gakkan? Tak pernah? Hah pi carik kat market now! I ve been eating this quaker oats since manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy years ago! till now pun, even last year I sokmo IGs kan beli Quaker Oats kat Cold Storage KLCC (oh so sad, after 15 years plus, I m no longer based in KLCC). 

Back to Quaker Oats, they are now having big contest; with the collaboration with Yayasan Jantung Malaysia, Quaker Oats Malayia is doing the YJM-Quaker Smart Heart Challenge. Kalau dah involved YJM, ni mesti ada kes lah kan, mana taknya 54.4% Malaysia are fat or obese (ni termasuk sis la ni kot 🙁 ) . Coz of that, I m helping them to push the awareness to all of you. With contest, seronok sikit diet ye dok, healthy pun yer, dapat hadiah pun ye. 


What you need to do, meh follow the steps;

  1. Pi FB Quaker Malaysia (or scan the code, but coz u dont have the sample so better pi FB Quaker Malaysia lagi sonang).
  2. Click the messenger button
  3. In few seconds someone from Quaker Malaysia will be communicating with u n u just need to answer few questions
  4. They will provide u with e voucher
  5. Go to the nearest pharmacy that u hv chosen (u will get to pick during the chatting session) and show the e voucher tu
  6. Do your preblood test to check on the level of your cholesterol
  7. Those above 5.2 will get a Quaker kit send by them direct to u n u can start the 30 days challenge
  8. This contest’s challenge period is from 19th March to 30th April but coz u need to do the preblood test for your cholesterol check tuh, kena la make sure u get this done between now to 15th March 2020.
  9. Once u are being selected (at least you have above 5.2 cholesterol level), a Quaker kit will be sent to you for your 30 days intake. 
  10. Once abis 30 days, u need to come back to the farmasi n do your post blood test for your cholesterol check, Kot turun banyakkkkkkkkkk ke , kot tak bergerak number tu or even worst plak 🙂 . This has to be done before 10th May 2020. Eh all semua tu free ye, tak yah bayar seposen pun. 


Sis pun entitled for this contest, my cholesterol level is 5.75 (anything above 5.2 is not healthy). In order for you to get good cholesterol level, u need to consume  2 scoops of Quaker oats into your daily diet. Sis makan ni tak kisah, boleh, 2 scoops tu momantai, but kalau dah sedap sangat kang ada yg 10 scoops plak sis tolan hiks…
Yes yes, the hadiah for the contest; selain dari setahun supply of Quaker Oats product, u  will also get the smart watch, fitness bands n many more, hok ni depa will announce on June 2020 yer…
All the best to bro, sis semua, may  we stay healthy by the help of Quaker Oats. If tak tau nak pelbagaikan resepi oats for your daily intake tu, hah bolehlah refer sini: tetiru je or pepandai la improvise; https://www.quaker.com.my/recipe-book.html 
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