im having down emotion right now.  i dont visit any of yr blogs, if i do, i dont even leave any comments since few days ago.  aku tengok, blah. ada yang langsung aku x pi visit langsung.

i think i have problems, i talk to few ppl, some said this and some said that.  kengkadang ada mende remeh buat aku angin, aku malas nak update blog ni, update mmg le update but i dont post many entries, 3 is the max kot…itupun sume been set since a nite before. auto timer posting. but not la this entry.


donno la wat to tell you, mbe boring wt works, overloaded. feel like to go back to my ‘mother’s company’ pun ada gak. nak ngamik gambar, nak beramahtamah wt frens pun malas. semua malassssss!  i met one blogger yesterday and 2 silent readers today, pun aku mls nak blogkan. semua mood hilang.


muka aku pun cam toya jer bila typing this entry.  sirman left to work tonite, aku nak nganto ke pintu pun malas, malasssss!!! i hate to see some ppl, i hate to keep thinking bout something and i just wanna mumbling in my own blog.  Kamb, thanks to give a good ‘slap’ to yr sister via ym today.


aku dah leh agak apa korang nak advise n nasihat, thank you in advance. so so so not in the mood.

n i just realised that today is already 19th of February.



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