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Dearest kak red,

I feel morally obligated to share with you this recent incident that happened. Anyway, before I start, let me tell you that I personally put the highest regard to our fellow Malaysian teachers because they are noble people who are educating our youth.

Very recently, sabtu lepas to be exact, one female teacher was caught with her student, a form 5 student, in a hotel room. She was teaching in one of the most elite school in Putrajaya and was recently suspended and the student kene tukar sekolah right after the incident. Because of legal reasons, I won’t name both the teacher and the student as well.

How embarrassing is that kak red? How can a highly respected teacher do such immoral things with a student? I see this as an insult and a warning that there is a problem in our education system. Not only this teacher should be suspended, but she also should be ban from teaching ever. How does this portray the other respected teachers in Malaysia?

If you sayang kan anak anak kita, please publish this article and I hope by doing so, it will be a warning to other teacher not to do the same. It is so embarrassing that things like this happened in Malaysia tau kak red. Another reason why I emailed you is because I don’t think any mainstream media will publish this mind of article and if they pick on this, please investigate on this matter however isolated it is.

Last but not least I do hope you keep my email address anonymous and I hope you’ll have a great life with your family. Lets help other Malaysian by posting this article kak red as a pengajaran for them. Thanks and happy blogging.

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