Bersama Mak Merah

kak red..i need your opinion…saye de mslh ngn my hubby..kitorng dok seperate he’s in mlk and i kat kl..die keje kat mlk and baru je smbg blj wat diploma kat sane..i study lagi so i dok ngn my parents..we all kawen when i buat my dip and now i continue my deg and another 1 year to finish..we have a son dah 2thn umur die..skang nih prob coz ari tu we have a fight and die mintak i benti belajar and duduk ngn die and family die kat mlk if not die nk we all tak de hubungan..d prob is i decided to smbg blj sbb for my son nye future and using my scholar to support duit anak..the problem i tak nk duduk ngn die kat sane because of financial as he doesnt affort to support duit anak and everything..slme nye he only give 100 per month and tu pon lepas satu tin susu je..all this while my parents yang banayk tolong…what should i do kak red?i nk sgt abeskan deg and then tinggal ngn die..


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