8 entries per day…

i hate talking serious stuff

i hate to discuss bout the bn pkr bagai

even puteri reformasi is comel…pompuan puji pompuan, lesbian kah? so pls wash up sket your brain

ai blog everyday, ai blog and post 8 entries per day if it s not fasting month, but due to x ke mana2 sangat during bulan puasa ni, so ai just blog at least 4-5 entries perday. still banyak lah jugak.

mana idea datang to blog bebanyak…

one thing, ai dont like to discuss 2 issues in one entry, confusion for my readers to leave comment on which issue they need to komen so on. so i break up those issues in few entries.

ai need photos to blog, jarang akak letak entry takde gambar..but that doesnt mean aku x leh lah nak update kalo x de gambo langsung.

ai m obsessed to my red blog, even aku travel berjalan cuti pendek pun aku penuhkan entries, saya kurang suka peram cerita dalam blog saya. selagi ada internet that i can access, no hoseymar….

We are talking bout the blog, not my appearence ke hapa, kalau u x suka ai pakai skirt merah menyala, or u x suka ai x menutup aurat, yes thank you but ai think dontlah attack too much. ai have one reader, she sent email to me, tegur cara berhemah, that one macam logik masuk dek akal la jugak. which i can accept.

so anw, ai love blogging though u hate my red hot skirt 😛

**lagu raya is on air in this red blog already… 🙂

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