Bersama Mak Merah…

Salam K .red,

Sorry if i am disturbing u , nak minta tolong letak di blog .I nak tanya u and all,I nak tanye color rumah. I need your opinion pasal what color i should put dekat frame yang color putih nih.

Bukan ape..actly i like the color but not my parent..we always arguing about this.My parent prefer color brown..waaa..i rasa macam x sesuai aje.I like white.To me , the white frame gimme some peaceful feelings. How about you ?

So ,i nak tanye pendapat2 redmummy or anybody who can help me suggest any color that suit the frame with this light yellow.

Di sini i attach together with the pic rumah baru half finish .


**besonya umah kau dik….


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