Bersama Mak Merah…

Salam..Hi Kak Red, hope you’re in good of health along with hubby n your beautiful kids. Just wanna share my feelings with you n your fellow readers.

Me & hubby have a small lil stall in downtown cheras, its actually our partime business since both of us are working fulltime in the day. we have been doing this lil business for almost 3 years, before we got married. as usual, sometimes there is up n downs in our business. sometimes we make money, & sometimes we loose money.

i guess, this is part & parcel of having a bussiness. the best part of doing this business is, we get to meet a lot of different kind of ppl..sronok gak sometimes..honestly, it is tiring, since me n hubby keja in da day, abis je work at 5.30 pm, both of us rush back home to take our 3mth old daughter at mom’s place, den i cook, den both of us get ready to open our lil shop in downtown till abt 2 am..i guess, it has been a daily routine for us.

sometimes i dont go, hubby je pegi sorang coz kesian kat baby Tasya nak susu badan. herm, Yesterday dated 11 November 2008, just before we wanted to open our shop, we realized that we got robbed. Gosh, all our ‘brg niaga’ was not in the car..the car was empty..nothing left except bits n pieces of broken glasses..i wanted to cry, but my tears just didnt came out, i wanted to scream but my voice was not coming out..i guess it was not our rezeki..kami redha dengan dugaan Allah.

all our 3 yrs assets had lost in just 1 nite..i’m not begging for them to return my things, but y la must u mencurik huh??? tade keja lain ke? suke sgt ko curik brg org? we lost about rm8k worth of things..

with wut had happen, hubby & i have decided that we will still continue our lil business, wut ever had happen, would not stop us from trading..insyaAllah ade rezeki, we will start berniaga back b4 mth end..i really hope things will go well after this..

*ps: to whom yang curik all my brg niaga, u will nver be safe di dunia mahupun akhirat”..amin..

thanks kak red n fellow readers for reading my ‘luahan perasaan’..


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