Bersama Mak Merah…

hai sis

hari ni frust sgt bila found out that dah kena removed. (termasuk mami punya bisnes blog mami tk tahu knp dan mcmana blh jadi mcm tu. sedih sgt coz semua perkara yg berlaku dalam 1 tahun hilang begitu saje. diari pembesaran lily dah tk ada lagi. cerita daripada lily kecil hingga dah pandai berlari skrg hilang sekelip mata. feel like crying but i’m at the office. very down today.

please sis tolong sebarkan e-mail di bawah yg mami jumpa kt blgger punya troubleshooting. e-mail ni org hantar dimana masalah dia sama dgn mami. Rupanya ramai sudah terkena.

sebarkan supaya org lain yg sayangkan blog masing2 berbuat sesuatu segera spt back up blog, save copy atau pindah ke free blog host lain atau dptkan sendiri.

belum tahu lagi sama ada mami akan teruskan blogging atau tidak. Thanks mami menumpang di sini.

kpd sesiapa yg masih ingin berhubung dgn mami bolehla e-mail me okey. i sayang semua

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Dec 8, 3:52 am

Hi all,
I, like many of you, have had my blog locked and removed due to a false spam accusation by Google’s flawed spiders/spambots. Having invested a fair amount of time into my blog, I was alarmed, and followed the steps they list to have it unlocked — almost a week later, no progress.

I also did a search on the topic here (you should too), and found out that thousands upon thousands of people have had this issue for the past 6 months, with not one posting back to say their blog was permanently unlocked. Some people have had their blogs locked for months, with no response or action from Google. Others have had it unlocked, just to have it locked again repeatedly. The long and short of it is that many people have lost their blogs permanently, with no recourse and no interest on the side of Google of putting it right.I think the writing is on the wall — blogger is a broken product.I’m not sure why Google is doing this, but I suspect they are clamping down on any blogs not using their Adwords product, or who aren’t turning a profit for them. Now that the economy is turning sour,they’re doing whatever they can to chuck people who are using their server space and free accounts without giving them some sort of profit
in return. I see no evidence that the spam bot is doing anything to reduce spam on their blogs, but I do see it pissing off a bunch of real-life people with real-life blogs, people who invested a lot of personal time and love into their blog, trusted Google with the irintellectual property, only to be screwed and locked out.

Even Google apologist nitecruzr has stopped responding to these threads — I’m sure he knows it’s hopeless, that Google has essentially screwed the pooch with this one but won’t put things right. Just as it is wrong for just one innocent man to be convicted, it is wrong for just one non-spam blog to be shut down in the name of fairly harmless spam blogs, but apparently not to Google, who is “convicting” thousands of us without appeal, without recourse, and with no respect to our rights. This spam thing is a red herring, there is some other reason why they are doing this, because otherwise why piss off so many normal bloggers? I think they don’t want the bad PR of revoking a free blog product that they can’t afford anymore, so instead, they brand us as “spammers,” then use the excuse of “we’re so very busy” to not ever reactivate us. Pure BS, and a very transparent excuse I think we can all see through.

Don’t waste any more of your time on this — get a new blog somewhere else, there are several free blog hosts out there, including Unfortunately they don’t have the bells, whistles, and flexibility we love with Blogger, but what good is blogger if it just keeps getting locked up and stealing your posts? Spread the word, tell your friends, don’t let them suffer like we have. Google reaps what it sows, and they’re killing the free blog movement.

MOmmy Lily

**put this in Bersama Mak Merah’s folder lah yer.

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