Bersama Mak Merah

hye redmummy, i need ur kind help again.

it has been like thousands of help i’ve been asking frm u since i got to know u. hehe. i’ve treated u as my sys where i cn turn to for any help/info. plus redmummy nih baik so tak malu tak segan nak tanya. huhu. okay enuff of merepek. 🙂

lately i’ve been suffering kinda bad hair fall. due to stress i guess. banyak benda dlm kepala otak nih. dah few months till i dont really have the confidence to be in public o in group of friends bcoz i rasa my hair dah tak cantik. dah sikit. n redmummy, i read ur posting before regarding ur husband’s hair fall problem once he came bck frm oversea. n he recovered afta using a kind of product.

i really really need ur help redmummy.

do u have any recommendation to cure my hair problem? thank u in advance. cheers.


**memang dia mintak tlg kat akak, tp we replied to her oredi, but mbe you guys can help her too.

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