Bersama Mak Merah – Private Transport Service

Nervous plak sebab first time email

– anyway, hope u, hubby n ur adorable kids are ok.

Emailing to find out if you know anyone who can provide private transport service for our mid June trip to KL.

There’s 7 of us and kalau boleh nak van and driver to send n pick us up (macam Pak Sulis Jakarta tu). Appreciate your help – kalau takdak pun takper..atleast I asked ;p.

Take care n stay gorgeous!

Mrs G , email to:

**dear all, really need a quick feedback on this, shes my very good loyal reader, will be coming down to KL for a tour, kalau boleh ada sapa yang boleh jadi ala2 Pak Sulis, kalau dah 7 orang lam in one van, ai think Pregio is the best lah…do revert asap yeah. thanks. To Mrs G, slot time for redmummy please while u are in KL 🙂

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