Bersama Mak Merah – Reflexology!



reading your posts date 11 april 08 on reflexology reminds me one thing that i would like to do, to learn how to massage and make money out of it.  With 2 school goings kids and my mother is staying with me, making ends meet is definitely a struggle.

I would like to request your permission to let your readers respond to me if they know any centres that can teach how to massage (whole body) and reflexology.  I believe in my kinetic ability and charging my friends a good RM50 per hour massage is already rewarding.

i am staying in gombak and would be pleased if any body could tell me if they know any centres (or even makcik/kakak who does home massaging business) around KL that I could go to.

I am glad I read your random post last night.  It was indeed an eye opener.  Hope to get response on this request.

Untuk puan2/cik yang berminat nak cari duit lebih, mari lah kita sama-sama belajar mengurut.  Kalau kita buat pakej mengurut bersalin pun lumayan pulangannya.  I am not good in selling products/MLM but my hands could make some one’s day!  Sekali lagi saya nak minta tolong sesiapa yang kenal/tahu orang yg boleh mengajar cara mengurut atau reflexology, please contact me.

For readers who could assist, please contact me through this e-mail address: .

thank you. assalamu’alaikum.

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