CIMB_Assists yang superbest service!

few weeks ago, aku ada bising2 lam twitter to CIMB bout their bad service in KLCC. i twitted generally without mentioning the situation, i got a DM from CIMB twitter and yes he is very frenly twitter. i mean diorg yang kat belakang nama twitter CIMB nih memang very fast in their action when we have complaints. so they got someone from the KLCC’s branch to get in touch wt me and i explained to the manager on the situation.

i tell you, within 24 hours my prob sudah solved. not only that, their officer followed up ngan aku banyak kali. kira mmg puas hati lah. comparing my streamyx problem, udahlah helpdesk 1300 mengiciwakan, twitter pun x pernah berjawab. itulah masalahnya bila tiada competitor for TM. competitors lain tak sekuat and sehandal TM gamaknya. i tell you, streamyx line aku bukan hok jenis murah2 alang, but for this 1 month the service is getting bad and bad.



This week too, i got a parcel from CIMB. pelik lah aku. aku memang ler kaki bag tapi idak ler pulak aku order mana2 bags online. The sender dari CIMB …. aik. i twitted bout it and CIMB twitter yang superbest the fastest terus anto my questions to their CRU unit. in a minute the officer called me saying that s a token from CIMB to me. great!

wahahahha! i complaint bukan sebab nak dapat token. aku pun tak tau depa memang pandai amik hati customers. That s the good thing bila banks di Malaysia ni terlampau banyak so to compete to each other, the service memang depa jaga. Thanks to CIMB_Assists. Korang in twitter, do add them if you have the CIMB account.

On another note, i have issues on DiGi, also bout twitter, the feedback is not as good as CIMB. quite disappointed gak lah. Satu lagi issue, aku ada masalah with my atm card, not CIMB, but one of my local banks. I called and asked for a replacement card, they promised the new card to be ready by 2 weeks!!

hallu 2 weeks???

Not going to mention the bank’s name, but member aku sume dok suh gertak je suh tutup account dari bank tuh so that diorg sedor in banking service if for a simple thing takes you for 2 weeks, customers boleh lari wooooooooooo. btw, sudah menjadi adat di twitter skarang, even banks pun dah maju ke depan menggunakan twitter sebagai part of their service line. Aku cakap kat korang, dari korang tepon baik korang tweet jer, sekejapan CIMB ppl will msg you and DM you and followed by getting your mobile number and divert you the CRU unit.

Thanks CIMB!

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