Rayban for the farewell…

IMG22568 this is Rayban’s brand.

not for me not for my hubby not for u too. it s for someone special leaving today. Gf and i had a task to get the farewell gift for him, so we settled with 3 items, one of the items is this special Rayban. The 3 items tu pun we walked bertingkat2, for someone yang has everything, i hope today is not the sad day for both of us. going to have a party for him soon!!

for me, i dont go for any expensive sunglasses, haritu the people tanya ‘is that gucci sunglasses?’

bang, sunglasses aku sumer cap ayam bang oiii...skang nih pun aku pakai sunglasses yang harganya RM20 jer bought from the ladies street in HK. paling mahal pun dulu was MNG, but pastu sume aku balingkan kat adik2 aku. i m not investing to the designer’s sunglasses at the moment. RM20 is enaf for me.

wpun 20hinggit, dah 6 bulan kay aku pakai. so worth of money. Kalaupun pada kamu jelek untuk saya pakai RM20, but wpun saya pakai yang 2 ribu, ppl will say, 20 pun ppl will ngumpat, it s not for you to decide on what i pay, apa yang saya beli, it s totally from my duit sendiri. memang bukan duit korang so back to nature again, beli mahal orang akan kata, beli yang murah pun orang akan kata.

i m just being myself, i will buy whatever yang aku sesuai ngan poket aku sendiri.mahal murah it s not an issue. cool?

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