Red Reddies…


maintain senyum je pakcik ni ala2 artis nampak camera padahal dia ngah concall wt the US people…semua org kena halau msk bilik x bley kaco dia ngah bz. alah yg kena halau tu gf gegirl dia, aku nak halau? aku snap gambo dia ada lah…abang dah kelenaan tidur.

anw all, i ve added some of you yang dah emailed me that you have linked my new into yr blog. Tak tau le napa ada yang x paham meh sini aku explain lagi sekali ye:

  • i have 2 blogs, my old blogspot punya address link, kalau korang dah ada letak lam blog korang, biarkan lah coz address link korang pun ada lam blog lama aku tu. aku x buang, blog tu tetap main reference.

  • untuk rumah baru i ni, mmg takde link of your blog address yet, coz i will only link your blog if you have done to link my new blog ni.
  • once u dah link my web ni lam yr blog, u gotta email me instead of telling me in the comments board. u wanna y?

  • berapa ramai org yg komen, and entry is moving fast everyday, so i do the blog roll update kadang2 over the weekend jer, kdg2 once in a week. kalo nak carik korang nye blog add lam komen, pengsan mak yang oi. dalam email senang, i hv specific folder for those who hv linked me.

Alert me if i still havent done your link yet, saya kan manusia yang leka dan lemah dan pelupa…gitu. Btw, i place all links in the Red Reddies button.

Good… and pls enjoy your Wednesday.

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Washing Machine…

umur dia ada lah 8, 9 tahun. fully automatic. 3,4,5 bulan ni dia mula buat pangai …tersemput2. masuk malam tadi, hagham x nak bernapas langsung, dok koma jer… sirman dah naik hangin, tinggal lagi x baling anto junam bawah condo jer.



aku x kuasa heh nak anto dobi, i will have to pay fifin extra la till the machine is up back. Actually bape jangka hayat washing machine ye? aku dah beat the age ke?



Get a new one? can lar…..but not now, i hv something else in my mind.




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No more emails…

so i decided to stop sending the email notification..

dengo spam2 by yahoo dek shah cakap tu lagi la aku ngeri …


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Red Diva to Red Readers… has received 100 registered users at the moment. numbers will increase every day and every minute.


just that, i have a question for you, one of the privilage of being a member in , you are notified for every latest post in my blog.  Email notification is sending by automatically to all of you.


But sometimes i still feel that it will spam your mailbox, kot2 le korang x suka aku anto notification gitu kan. so pls tell me, do u still want to have the email notification whenever this blog has new update entry, or otherwise?


Your call.


My red divas yang lain tu, yang lom jadi member it s fine, u can just drop by to my new house ni, refresh as usual and layannnn…..





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Shoes from the Zoo Memory…

red sandal aku tu selagi x putus, selagi tu lah aku pakai, and selagi tu lah akan kuor kat blog ni huhuuuuu….


anw Sirman, Abang and Gegirl are wearing Timberland from Texas, Adik reporter ku yang cantik itu pakai white Adidas…


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