Red winner…

for this week, i give the winner to someone yang blog bout my red diva thingy plus maria tv3 show…extremely!

why do i choose this blogger to be a winner, u hv to find out in his blog. but since his blog is via invitation, u need to ask him to get the access.

so currently, officially, im owing 3 bloggers to meet: , ak very young boy and also vagg.

i dont know vagg personally, i got to know him like u guys, he keeps sending comments in my blog. u see, kalau ko selalu anto comment, that s how i know you. anw, ai nak thanks to all of you yang participate in promoting redmummy appearing on tv3, i hope i ve put all of your blog in this special entry tu…kalau ada i miss it, pls alert me, it s not late. hopefully, i m helping your hits to be up a bit lah…it s a promotion of your blog too…indirectly.

next contest, soon to announce. everyone can participate, doesnt matter you are a blogger or not….

yes yes..korang dah tengok aku in the MARIA show tu kan..i will blog bout it later…tq tq tq..jem terus blog aku dibuatnya tadi for few min.

ps/mati idup aku ingatkan dia ni lelaki, awek cewek rupanya!

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