I hate but I have to tell…

Dear Redmummy frens,

let me just tell u straight!

i m transferring my hosting to another hosting company, the domain will remain the same. at the moment, please visit my old blog for the latest entry.


this is the reason:

We are suspending your redmummy.com because your site causing heavy load on server and other customer site affected. We will refund total amount RM244.25 by cheque to your name and address as registered in senihost.

sirman and I are working hard for our domain to be moved (sib baik dah siap buat back up!), babai senihost – x panjang jodoh kita, if your hits are like mine, i m not recommending all of you to use them. toksah la!

aku dah ada 2,3 hosting companies yang approached us, so we will study what the best first.

Visit Redmummy @ Kak Red at http://redmummy.blogspot.com

kat sini takkan ada update la buat sementara waktu sampai aku tuko landlord! korang kena pi baca kat blogspot ai…

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