Mrs Sheikh @ Husna …

apahallah log book sec recipe ada atas meja ni kan…buat nyomak jor.

i didnt give her good hospitality, i was so rushing here and there on fri eve. but sebab aku sudah berjanji dengan si gadis ayu sejak seminggu yang lalu, ai have to keep my promise lar kan. one thing i heard from her…some ppl suka sangat nak jumpa orang2 yang berbaik dengan aku, even she got the invite to meet someone that is like ‘one kind’.

This lady wanted to know, wanted to ask but i refused to tell anything…oh mbe i gave her some light2 stories bout the other part of the stories that i didnt blog. mbe.

Well, she s going to blog bout our kelam kabut meeting. anw, sapa2 mau kirim itu coklat mughah from Labuan, roger2 la Husna. this is the second time aku dapat 1 bag coklat for the kids from her.

i will take the choc together to our short holiday.

Holiday??? oh yes, i finally can go for a short holiday peacefully…ko lupa ke aku nya plan nak pi spore wt sirman masa cuti sekolah aritu wt kids terbantut dek cutiku difreeze.. sodih tau!

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