hi kak red…

it’s the first time i’ve seen your tears ever since i started reading your blog.

you have been very strong, whatever may have been thrown at you before this…

nothing i can offer to comfort u but words of encouragement from a stranger.

i know you have the strength of steel within you, you’ve shown it to us in all of your entries. this time the pains must have reach it’s peak, huh? hope the Smiling Angels will cast a shadow on you again and take away all the pains and worries and you can smile broadly again when tomorrow comes.

take care, kak red



dear all, i choose not to reply any of your comments for this entry and so this entry….but thank you kerana ingatan kasih sayang mesra that u gave. memang selama nipun ai tau ai bukan saja dipuja lalat durjana yang bersepah di sini dan blog korang but ai have very loyal and lovely readers and frens, which is you you you you and you.

kalaulah aku ingin luahkan segalanya, i have to make a protected entry, believe me, thousands of you will msg me to ask the password. relakan saja dia berpassword…. 🙂

terima kasih semua. ai m ok from the far…at least for you. 

Things keep on happening and I m now surrended and truly tired. My heart is totally broken.


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