TTDI to Bangsar…

after picking up abang, we need to go to my kelig’s hse for the new baby born’s party/kenduri. Ms Tall and Ms Chocho were supposed to get the pressie, but just few min sebelum aku sampai, they berried me ‘Red, we couldnt make it, bla bla bla bla bla..sorry to J bla bla bla bla…’

aisay, this means i have to go and get the present first. So Sirman and kids tinggalkan aku kat BSC, i went up and get the lovely present for the little boy, wrapped it up and terus headed to J’s house.

this is not J’s house, entah umah sapalah yang aku snap hiks….

Seman, Gk and SG at the back

we chat2 tok tok makan2..minum

if he maintains this kind of meal lah kan, bila dah kawin sok mmg senang lah bininya. bagi je ayam goreng. hari2 lah kenyang to him.

she s enaf wt white rice, ayam goreng plak dia makan sket ajer

we didnt stay longer, salam2 n blah. ada ramai lagi guests nak duduk so better kita bagi orang lain duduk pulak. I never post J’s face in my blog…yet i ve known him for so many2 years, since our merenong time, since i was early 20s time……he even my good listener. Thank you J for the good hospitality.

My dear frens readers and bloggers,

…what i m trying to say is, some ppl dont like me coz ai donno u..mbe, but do u have the right to do ‘such thing’ to me? luckily i m so lucky to find out bout that!!!

She s totally right!!! Aku telah ditikam dari belakang!

This issue will not end, i will keep on talking bout this sampai dia ‘diam’ bcoz she is reading and studying my blog…lantaklah.

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