Tan Sri…

my big chap just got his new Tan Sri title today from the King 🙂

last nite when i got the email, i quickly sent a congrats note to him….

minutes later, his reply:

tqvm Red – and its a great pleasure coming from someone i have known from a long way back……. thanks again for all your great support. Well done too on your wonderful progress, your colleagues think very highly of you

i ve known this big chap since 1993, since he was holding an Encik title. When i wanted to leave the minister, he recommended me to join him, and alhamdulillah, i m here for 4 years already and i hv shown lots of development, via the promotion n months of Cik B.

I spread the news last nite to 3 important persons in my life, one is for my ex boss when i was serving him for 8 years, Yang Mulia and Tan Sri are frens since they were in koleq. n 2 for Momo and BabyG…i wish you guys are not leaving.

Oh this Monday, my division’s recent promotion recipients…the 15 of us including me are holding a breakfast gathering for whole staff of our big company. Kami yang 15 org ni chip in for the makan2… alhamdulillah.

To my dear readers that come from my big company, u are most welcomed, u guys got the invite already from our rep and to my readers, thank you for being my good reader 🙂 sorry lah takde special makan2 for all of you. i blog cerita macam2 dalam blog merah ni pun dah ok kan…ai know ramai yang membaca dari mengomen, kadang2 sebak gak ati.


redmummy @ kak red

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