Email from you…

Hello Red.

I know you are feeling down right down. I pun dont know how to cheer you from here. Can tell that the way you write, is just to satisfy your readers. You also know kan, that althou some of them dont leave comments but ramai yg setia baca & refresh your blog.

Whether present or history yg you said tragic, its better that you keep it to yourself or with very close frens / family only. Coz you may never know that some ppl out there (esp yr detractors) might use it as a weapon against you later.

In life, when times are good, these ppl semua berebut2 nak kawan dgn kita tapi just 1 wrong step aje, everything is gone! In blogging world, words can make or kill a person’s integrity! Even thou we are not in the wrong, but ppl like to judge by what they read & see. I’ve came across few of them cakap mcm2 & like what you said b4, just ignore them.

You cant please all your readers walaupun ramai nak tau more abt ‘that’ incident you had wanted to write. Some readers , ade yg understanding but ade jugak tak. They all ketawakan kita behind our back but we don’t know.

Moving foward, we have to learn from the past & not make the same mistake. Sometimes, the way you tempiaskan sindiran tajam & pedas to those ppl, whom you thot you could trust, memang kena & tepat. they deserved it anyway!

This is just my personal opinion, still its up to you. Cuma think of the risiko & after-effects. And if you think you are strong enough, then go ahead. Whatever it is, you must know that some of us readers are with you all the way! Just so you know, yesterday I dgr this song ‘Heartbreaker’ from & somehow, I thot of you. My doa’s are with you.. take care dear. 



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