Let s Do It!!!

This entry is not for my good readers….

first let s start wt xiaxue’s note!

All the following are my personal opinions, and as I am highly untrustworthy, I urge the public to not believe anything I say as they are mostly ficticious. Even those things I should mention later are facts are not facts. They are stories spun by myself as I am a little mentally demented. Now I can begin. – http://xiaxue.blogspot.com

This entry is for those bitches!

They are reading my blog everyday, so here r some notes for you…

remember ye korang yang bangsat semua tu, aku trapped everything, aku simpan every single notes, aku simpan all evidence, wt witness. apa pun korang nak buat, aku akan lawan, i m not gonna stop my writing here, i m not going to slow down, aku x kan melepak mengadu domba mengumpat macam korang. I m freely to speak out in my own blog, so ko hengat ko boleh stop my skills of writing here?

aku akan terus bersuara kat sini, but the private blog is real, the invite will come to the most closest frens very soon.

ok here something for u to read, which i copy paste from xiaxiue’s blog too! tq xiaxue, u made my day!!!

However, dislike is not something I can control, although I can and have told you why I feel so.

You don’t have to feel offended. I dislike a whole truckload of other people… In fact, it’s tough to find me someone I like.

In my opinion, rather than bad-mouthing you behind your back and gossiping about you, I felt that telling the truth is always the better option.

I am sorry if you felt hurt from the blog entry you forced me to delete, but don’t take it personally. Or do, if you wish to. The blog entry is not written by me, your acquaintance, but me, A BLOGGER – just like how reporters of papers are not being personal when they write bad press about stars. – xiaxue.blogspot.com

So i heard ppl are spreading the stories from that bitch’s version, n takde sapa yang tanya on my version and side yet. well for me kalau engko got no problem wt me, tetiba je ko percaya cakap budak lahanad tu kan, memang engko lah yang bodoh kan. never2 interfere wt something that is not related to u, between that bitch n me, memang ada hutang yang dia kena langsaikan. N has anyone heard anything from me? NIL NOTHING ZERO YILEK? bcoz i write in my blog bodoh! if u do, give me names, witness. blablablah. aku cakap berdasarkan fakta, they hv plenty of time to being bitchy and i have hundreds of times to blog bout it! bayo streamyx memahal x blog apa kes lakkan! this is a democracy country, this is blogging world, skang bukan citer anwar kena sodom like 1998’s case, skang orang cite lam blog, the power of writing is via blog!

I m handling this, bagai menarik rambut di dalam tepung. But remember, i m loud and out spoken, ko cubit aku, pelempang 5 aku bagi balik. The more u hits my blog, the more nnang income ai dapat. Thank you for giving me good Ringgit Malaysia!

my good readers,

can you imagine they printed out my blog s entries, n made it an issue to some parties. i was not surprised coz im fully prepared, aku tau pangai2 orang begini, sejak aku naik aku dah kena attack macam-macam. they cant do it professionally so they applied it personally! but hey, ppl agreed that there s no case cos this is my own personal blog, my private diary, where i express my feelings via blog!!! alhamdulillah. yang benar itu datangnya dari Allah, u tok tok behind my back, i toktok inside my blog, look whos talking to each other now? next time, come forward directly to me stupid ladies! bape kali nak cakap, bukak la blog sendiri kalau nak attack pun, idak pun senang cerita jangan datang baca blog aku ni tongong! tapi tetap gak tetiap pagi bertenggek kat sini, waktu2 senggang, memalam melepak kat sini kan kan kannnnnn….

Chedet pun ada blog sendiri lah weiii! tapi chedet letak nama terang2 kan, i should do that 🙂

some more, is there any specific names been mentioned here, oh lupa, u makan cabai u rasa pedas! yup yup! (someone use the word cabai, yet aku guna cili..hiks)

hey u u u u u u u u u u u u ppl, if u are thinking to print this entry, for this time around, u better think 100 times again ye 😛 . but if u do, pls dont forget to enclose My Confession’s entry too, coz u forgot to enclose that long bloody entry in your first submission. hikss…(alang2 print, buatlah binding sekali, scrap book ke… takkan print jer kan, siap ada print colour tu wah kelas, oh ada gak copy paste in other page ye).

Engko masuk rumah aku, suka2 kata tilam aku tu tilam engko plakkan, serupa gak ko datang blog aku, sesuka ko jer nak print hak blog aku yang being sponsored by serverfreak! Print tu satu hal gaklah, siap buat false statement macam2 tu, haktuih!!!

I will keep talking and writing about u bitchy ppl. I m a fighter, i will bring you down!!! Again, rather than bad-mouthing you behind your back and gossiping about you, I felt that telling the truth is always the better option – specially via my own blog!

frens n readers, i know u ve been telling me to stop melayan this jaki2 mangkuk lahanad barua lalats ni, but what is their right to ask me to stop talking bout my personal life, personal diary, hanya sirman and family aku je ada right on me! but my normal entries are up as usual, apa aku kisah, lam kita maki, kita kena ada fun gak, that s the beauty of my red blog, u dont like it, stop reading then!

i m not tired of being nice, but im so fed up wt their attitude already even i m no longer your nice redmummy but hell wt that!

***x abih lagi ni, nanti aku sambung lagi. i m putting this entry and this hot new private blog on top of the page for a while.

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