Final Update on Red Divas Online Contest…

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This contest will start on 1st July and close on 10 July. for 10 days, the most highest print screen for RED DIVAS ONLINE will get a mystery gift from

senang jer..gambo atas sekali ada 38 users online kan, pastu few min later ada lak 43 users online, so the one yang dpt snap the most highest visitors online at one time, will win.

Email me before 11 July, Friday the prt scrn yang u dah dapat. i will make an announcement on the next following week.

Have fun! (entry ni dok kat atas page for few days kejap ye, new entry ada kat bawah….)

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Back to Red Divas Online Contest, today is 3rd, ada lagi 7 hari before the closing date…

everyone can participate

everyone can send 100s of applications 🙂

but only the highest top Red Divas Online will win!

tapi jangan ko nak temberang anto cam ni plak…mau kompem aku bekheng kang!

memain ko yer ngan akak…yang anto ni saje le nak test temper aku jer kan…

sirman tengok stat ni, gelak bahak tol dia…

memang ramai yang anto the prt scrn..thank you all, tp aku x kan cakap whether u win or not till the closing date ye 🙂

email me the stat at


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At the moment, i received 21 applications, 21 orang have submitted your prnt scrn. But only one can be a winner. but let me give u some hints, dari ko penat2 pi tekan submit tapi kesianlah pulak kalo x de clue.

The numbers that I am looking for now not starts from 3X or even 4X, it should start from 5X per online!

Closing date is this Thursday 10th July, submit your entry to

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