Bersama Mak Merah

hi kak, hepi belated besday…wah…sonok nye dpt dating dgn sirman tanpa anak2..

i havent had d chance to tell u what actually is going on with my life now..

dis month genap 1 year my parents were the age of 62. It was so sad to have a broken family , same goes to my brother and elder sister they are to seperated.kesian ank2 buah ku.. i’m so scared for this to happen to me and husband..simpang malaikat 44.

since april i havent talked to my mother, coz of little misunderstanding on how i brought up my sons. Actually i’m not there to help my hubby besarkan anak2 since january except for school holidays.. i’m in kedah studing until this december. dia terasa ati about the incident , actually she came to stay at my house dat was during my two weeks school based experience at a school near my house. it ended up only for a night when she asked hubby to sent her back to bro’s house. she been avoiding my bro too..this means dat she lock herself in her room when my bro comes home from work and the only time she’ll come out is when he’s gone for work. After this while she never answers my call or reply my sms. hati kering skit my mom ni. i know she depress but never wanna talk or see her sister or other relatives. she afraid of what people would say about her being a widower.

let’s ct it short, last night my youngest sis called and told me my mom is back at bro’s place..4 days after her besday. maybe coz my sis came back to malaysia for her holidays.

all this time i was so worried, angry , upset, frustrated for not being able to talk to her and help her but i’m happy today to know that she’s ok and she looks fine.

there’s more to spill out but it would take me hours to do so.. and sure a bucket full of tears..n i dun have that much time now since i’m trying to prepare a whole week’s lesson plan..huhu.

i’m here away from hubby n i dun trust my friends here anymore.. they are not sincere enough for me..more specifiic BACK STABBER and i’m stuck for 3 months with the MASTERMIND. eii benci bila teringat how she manipulates other friends to hate me..mulut manis kak..kaki bodek ngampu!! sumtimes she sounds very rude to our seniors.

kak!! byk nye nk luah…tensen nye..takde sapa kat sini..i’m being left out from my own clique. i was d own who asks for sumones help to make sure we all dpt sekolah dkt dgn town n setempat so dat we can stay d 4 of us together n now they are moving out. i got a place to rent near my school but atleast ajak2 ayam pn ok la. ni kita hint, meke wat bodo je..

i’m planning to stay in hostel after the practical n i can pull sum strings to do so.actually in my list their names were in but this time they need to do it themselves ,bior lepas pewot aku sorg dah ler..mampuih p ler meke..evil kan..

haha dah bejela warkah ku ini kak, maybe next time i sambung lik..huhu..

gud nite


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