Say no to A Famosa…

Kenapa saya tidak mahu datang lagi ke A Famosa…

If i were to know lah kan A Famosa to gituh, I will definitely go and stay in Equatorial Melaka  (ok last aug we stayed in Equatorial, tp sbb nak pakai and tried the games/carnival of A Famosa, tu pasal kami dok kat situ kali ni, but  now no more!) . A Famosa charged me RM288 per room per nite, i m not gonna go again, for the rest of my life.

Another issue it comes wt 2 bfast, lom kol 930 pagi semua food dah licin? hem…apo cer? Sirman  had to went out wt abang to get the bfast, sad.

I decided not to blog detaily kenapa dan mengapa, but my recommendation to you, is not to go n try the A Famosa. no thank you.Saya tau awak nak tau kenapa mengapa bagai kan..but sorry, not gonna say a thing on that. i have the right to do so.

I m only recommending tp sukatik ko lah gak kalo nak pi, no harm marr…duit memasingkan.

I made an offical complaint to Beverly Hills Condo, A Famosa no action taken. I called the HQ office in KL, but still no action taken. n suddenly i m tired to keep calling them, not my usual perangai yang akan kasi gegar sampai depa bagi compensate.

Sirman said..let it go, so ok for the first time, i ll let drop it off. Lucky you A Famosa.

same goes to some unrelated issues, i m letting it go, x naklah pening pala…coz my life is perfecto already.

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