Seminggu adalah 2,3 kali aku makan chicken curry ni, sodap sesangat!

RM14.90 (nasi putih, chicken curry, acar + drink) @ Santini KLCC.

banyak kali dah aku promote, sbb tiap kali aku promote tiap kali tu lah soalan sama yang datang… 🙂

pls understand here that the promotion in my blog is not by races, doesnt matter u are chinese malay indian even mat salleh i will surely blog and promote. i ve given opportunities for few malays, some have agreed on the promotion but that s not my prob if they dont come out wt sample banners, draft entry so on. so, dont judge lah kalau aku dok promote other business yet the one yang nak aku promote dok x bagi lagi apa2 (they know who they are)….

We are malaysian, i dont mind mixing around wt any races as long as you have good heart. Sudah banyak malay’s business yang saya bantu promote cuma mungkin lately ni awak x perasan. yang pernah kuor lam blog for my promotion spt contoh nurul diari, otam, ween cupcakes etcs ramai lagi … 🙂

**Kindly respect my other races readers pls…redmummy.com ada pembaca dari berbilang bangsa, some of them like heart devilsh, chyntia, josh, rick, vilves, vernon mr manager and ramai lagi just to name a few.

Tapi terima kasih kerana mengingatkan saya dan menegur, insyallah, i ll blog with more diplomacy…

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