Redmummy from VA to KLIA…

dear all

ai m currently posting all entries starting this one from my honeymoon place 🙂

due to time factor, gambar je lah dapat menceritakan the stories yeah. ai appreciate your comments, if u wanna ask, do drop it over comments button, ai will try to answer the soonest ai can 🙂

2 hours before ….

did my final entry for auto publish, n yes that baloon on my head, anak aku buat so kenalah pakaikan kan kan kan…

in that big black luggage bag ada 2 luggages lagi 🙂

waiting for ERL

oh yes, no kids, our honeymoon trip this time, x bawak anak-anak yer…

in the ERL

check in q

quick late lunch at the KLIA

in the aerotrain to our aircraft

us in the aircraft itself…

we took off from klia at 315pm

oh, fyi, we have planned for our honeymoon trip since 2 months ago, alah masa entry ni ngah hangat ni lah, dipujuknya aku pi honeymoon. tp since time is a factor kan, so only this date je available for us. yes, we are aware wt the fasting month, jangan riso, kami pulang sebelum ramadhan.

our kids? our kids dok bersuka ria kat VA ngan tok nek and adik badik aku yang ramai tuh… 🙂

seriously, saya memang dah set banyak entries arini, so refresh la sukatik korang bape kali nak buat, mmg ada entry baru. rugi lah ye sapa yang x de internet over the weekend, letih korang nak qada baca on Tuesday.

Sebelum terlupa, saya ucapkan juga, Salam Ramadhan to all ‘s readers from Red Family.

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