Nuffnang Sharing Session

most of you heard already that redmummy is one of the guest bloggers for Nuffnang Sharing Session, pairing wt Sultan Muzaffar , one of the pioneer bloggers in Msia.

the venue was held in The Apartment, KLCC (thank god, ai work in KLCC!) on Saturday 13 September.

n since the event took place during the Ramadhan month, we had the buka puasa session of course.

apparently redmummy came in slightly later than everyone, not bcoz ai m the guest of the house, but due to rambut ku yang lama benau nak siap, and also menyiapkan anak2 bawak depa pi bazar ramadhan bersoal jawab bagai ngan depa wt lots of questions (well…it s weekend, how come mom has to go out on wkend wtout them, u know lah the kiddos kan..)

Robb the Hong Kong superstar the one that ai mentioned in my previous2 entry (aiyo do some work sketlah, check out back pages, malas akak nak link), he works wt Nuffnang, he s the man behind the scene for this important event.

I didnt know anyone here except 2,3 bloggers

but that s not the hardest part right, being me, ko campaklah aku kat mana, ai can mingle around

so we chat salam oh hi bagai so on

The Apartment has reserved one section, the stage one for all Nuffnangers, there were 25 bloggers on the house, ada lelaki ada yang datang from the age of 18, and ai think yang paling tua among them lam umur 39

hey…ai m the one turning 23 starting today ahahhhhhhhh!

and of cos there are female bloggers too

after having our buka puasa perut senak (u guys tau kan ai m not a blogger yang suka buat food review sangat, so ai pass for the makan2 sessionlah ye, ai know some of them will be talking bout that) n we headed to upstairs for the chit chat formal session

all bloggers had their chance to talk bout their blog, basically to introduce bout their blog lah, the ice breaking

frankly speaking, mak merah cant recall any of their blogs name (due to that u need to wait for few more hours on their blog add, awaiting from Robb to email me the list).

Oh before that, our Chef on the house from The Apartment, Richard did some Q&A session wt us the bloggers. ai dengo je lah this session, but ai love the kangkung sambal belacan. that s soooooooooooo delicious!

Robb took place for the Q&A session related to Nuffnang . You gotta understand the 3 types of ad in the blog, currently Nuffnang is doing some surveys, so do submit and take part on the survey. You may have some ideas that you need to share wt Nuffnang, drop it and seal 🙂

Throughout the nite, my photos are all taken care by The Manager of

One thing….

Sultan Muzaffar is very2 famous blogger, tapi sungguh pendiam orangnya hehehehehehe…. Both of us shared our blog’s life, blog’s stories etcs….majorly Ramadhan from our eyes

My white cardigan is from Zara, red tube is from MNG, Red skirt is from BKK, Red Longchamp hbag is from the Longchamp Airport Bkk, Red wedges from Mphosis. Necklace and earring both from bkk too.

Sirman was wearing Red whitey shirt from BKK and Levi’s 501 courtesy from Levi’s too

so the veryyyyyyyyyy unique camera she has!!!

some of the hottest bloggers

a blogger but also Nuffnang’s staff

(ai owe him big lunch/dinner!!!)

serious discussion, Julian pls contact me via Contact Red if you need to ask further on Lalats hikss….

Adik – good luck for your new career though akak rasa ko abihkan dulu the final sem 🙂

mingle around

the young bloggers plus the notsoyoungmak

happyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

the live band performing for nuffnangers

it was a very good get together indeed. thank you nuffnang!

big clap to Robb!

Apologize for not mentioning your names privately, thing is too many to remember and aku ni ada masalah nak ingat nama orang, hoping lah Robb to give me the list so ai can list all bloggers that attended the session. They are kewl….

2 guest bloggers and the manager of

The party and chat meeting end up till midnite, but both Sirman and ai left before another call from kids masuk….Yes the kiddos masa depa kecik ni, makpak kuor berdating berjalan, they will keep track your steps but kang bila depa dah besau, their langkah lak the parents have to sibuk2 kan…

anw back to the Nuffnang Sharing Session, for the next session if there s a chance, i would love to attend too, n to you out there, reading this entry, kalau nak join, look for the next session, i guess it s a monthly thing kot..unsure bout that. The buka puasa is fully sponsored by Nuffnang in collaboration wt The Apartment for the bloggers under the flag Glitterati’s account 🙂 .

u happy wt this entry?

Happy Sunday lor… 🙂

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