Redmummy – Featured in an Online Magazine

Few weeks ago, ai was approached by Kel Goh and team from Live & Inspire online magazine, focusing on personal growth and a classy touch to lifestyle. The content of this magazine is updated every 2 weeks!

The magazine is built on the philopsophy of DISCOVER, LIVE and INSPIRE. Every life or cause lived tells the world a story, either of discovery, living or of inspiration. Click on any of the 3 below to read more.

Discover Live Inspire

Link Live & Inspire in your blog

Visit the Live & Inspire for your daily reading

Foremost…Discover Live and Inspire!

Enjoy gang bas merah 🙂

read more in their Live & Inspire Magazine

**the template of the online magazine is BLUE, it s not my harta karun yang sesuka hati nak tukar merah 🙂 aku panggggg gak kowang kang weih.

ops tergarang pulak. ai lap you too!  muahssss…(now have to maintain like red diva)

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