Saturday’s Event…

apa plan aku ari sabtu?

aku dah hint before ni kan, aku ada 8 Girls Day Out 🙂

we gonna start wt one famous mall in town

listen to the briefing

do our make up

then pi hartamas for shopping

pi the curve for shopping and manicure? kot…

pi lagik satu mall

pi sana sini

for the one whole day event dari pagi ke malam buta, 3 main magazines will be following us 🙂


we gonna get something

n we have to do a live broadcast to our own blog

n it s all fully sponsored by the organizer

basically tu je lah aku leh cakapkan

kasi korang syoknyaaaaaaaaa kak red. syok ker? aku x pi lagik korang lah syok kan…

yes again, the other 7 female bloggers are hot and sexy and pretty and beautiful, come in one package, and TINGGI hiks….

y are they choosing me the only mom? that s for you to find out 🙂

so esok blog aku akan haru biru, mana ngan aku dah set auto publish mana ngan nak buat live broadcast lagik…

reminder to myself: bring 2 mini cameras, bring 2 mini cameras, bring 2 mini cameras….

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