RM was suspended!!!


kalo korang perasan at 12ish pm  semalam this redmummy.com domain has been suspended. bukan sebab tak bayar hosting daa, lgpun hosting ni kan sponsor from serverfreak.com. actually this is due to bandwidth over usage. bandwidth yg allocated for redmummy.com is 300GB per month only but usage dia berlebih2 pulak. this means visitors redmummy.com bertambah2 la sbb last few months ok jer or probably redmummy upload byk sgt pics! 🙂

actually thanks to all  of you guys & girls yg keep on visiting here & keep the bandwidth increasing  😉

tapi sekrg allocated bandwidth dah increase dah & hopefully leh menampung visitors yg keep on coming. thanks again! redmummy.com readers rock! 🙂


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