RM’s Car Sticker!!!

Salam and hi all…

sblm ada ads aku yang terpaksa dok atas as a sticky mode, sementara ada ruang untuk blog sendiri, so aku letak lu iklan RM’s car sticker ni kat atas yer. aternyer, asal ada ads, aku kena dahulukan lah apa yang patutkan, but since tengah ada ruang nih, aku cop cop letak entry ni yer. kang bape ari lg sure ada ads aku nak kena post up. n entry2 terbaru ada di bawah entry ni yer. jemput order car sticker yer sumer…thanks. SUDAH DITUTUP!

Mohon kerjasama untuk yang dah order tu bank in the payment to Ayu and Rose’s account, they have emailed u and given their acct number. we need your cooperation in order for us to process the printing asap. Thanks.


the RM’s car sticker is on the board! dengan bantuan the GBM girls, we are taking orders right now! I will slowly post up back this entry, once my new entry is taking placed.

So girls and boys, do fill up the forms, the GBM girls will be contacting you. Mode of Payment is via online, either CIMB and Maybank, account number nanti the committees will get in touch with you. Thanks to Ayu, Rose, Sid, Dila and Yan

For Singaporean, pls direct your order to  . The other countries, you still need to fill up via this form.

Sebarang soal jawab, may drop your comment via this entry or Contact Red or email the 2 add lam banner atas yeah.

**memang ada yang tak suka tampal car sticker kat kereta, tapi kamu masih boleh membantu by ordering the car sticker, kerana your payment is contributing to the charity as well…..

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