Eclipse New Arrival!


5 inch and 4 inch


5 inch, black  for this one and silver at the first photo

silver doesnt has my size, they will call up from other branches, alah x de pun x yah lah, mahal sesangat pulok wpun cantik


wedges…comes in 3 colours


takkan ko nak nerai kasut, ngan suor abih tak nampak tutup kasut, so kita harus melipat2 kaki seluar yer…

sambungan entry kasut2 eclipse aku kuorkan esok or next week….banyak bonar le gambar kasutnya wuiiii! arini takde entry make up kan…

kita ganti ngan entry kasut

sirman – ai bought 2 pairs of Eclipse shoes from the allocation that you gave. tq.

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