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Additional 2 featured bloggers:

Nor Iman @ Eyriqazz – congrats for the Project Alpha contest, bertuah awak yer!

Kancil Biru –  Tak, akak tak makan kacip patimah maupun jamu 🙂


So, last week, I watched the whole series of redmummy in “Project Alpha”, and oh, she’s so gorgeous! I envy her shoe rack which is full of shoes collections! Haih (^_^)

One thing that I got by watching the series is, ‘tips on how to be a good blogger’. She was being so generous to share all her tips with the other bloggers! *especially for a new beginner like me :)* Thanks redmummy!

I jot down all the tips and tried to apply it when I’m blogging. Here are some of the tips shared by the redmummy ;

* U have to work hard
* U need to have ur own personality
* U need to have ur own type of writting
* U have to be punctual when u submit any advertorial

and in 1 of her entries, she did mentioned that she doesn’t prefer a blog with a super-large-image. Ok. Ini memang terkena pd batang hidung saya (-_-“) If u have been following my blog since months ago, u must be familiar with the super-duper-large-image in AMS, no? That’s another reason why I have changed to this layout!



Actually akak bagi 10 tips, tp depa producer of Project Alpha kuorkan 4 tips jer, sama gak ngan bloggers lain, sume kena bagi 10 tips tapi lam Project Alpha kena lah cut2 and tak redundant ngan other bloggers punya tips. it s all pusing2 bih kurang je sama.

kenapa you jangan tulis center, pening lah yang oi, camne ko nak baca kalau dok centralized semedang. ayat sambungan lari, macam bergantungan je ayat2 ko bila buat centralized.mbe bcoz of the age gak, i dont hv the very specific answer but for me, writing an entry with centralized and kalerful rainbow colours memang outtttttt! i cant tolerate.




introducing my male chinese  reader – Dylan, very fluent in Malay language too (2 cartoon eggs tu dari entry blog dia aku sebat). met him once during my previous Bunny/Prada event, his gf is one of the contestants.

Dia ni rajin, belajar n kerja sekali arung dia buat nak support diri sendiri, n now ngah memikir whether to go or not to Singapore since he got the invite too. Remember aku suh korang masuk Project Alpha’s contest, pi lah masuk korang oi…Dylan has won 2 prizes from Week 2 and Week 3 contests! Congrats Dylan!!

I m sure, Dylan will complete his next 7 contests, kalau aku pun aku masuk yang oi. eh i m entitled tau, tp aku je yang tak nak masuk. bagi chance orang lain menang contest.


So i suggest all of you to participate in the Project Alpha’s contest. senang jer..

aku bagi tips 2 menda ni kena ada lam contest Project Alpha:

1. cakap pasal Project Alpha setakat yang korang tau

2. must insert Adidas Action 3

siap jer shoot lam Alpha’s blog, in 1-2 weeks, your name will be announced.Good luck korang!

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