Ewah Ewah game show for bloggers…


6 bloggers for Ewah Ewah game show

got a call from the producer for me to find the other 5 bloggers, so there the 5 yang terpilih. it takes 3 weeks for me to find the right bloggers to be featured in Ewah Ewah game show…, n yey! well done RM, siap gak keje ko carik orang.

leh lah bukak kedai cari bloggers ahahhahahahaa.

with 700 photos, tak boleh lah nak letak semua, give me more time yer, cite spore pun tak abih upload apatah lg Ewah2 nih…this kuor TV on December, will announce nearer to the date. citer ke gambo bagai, later2 yer…

tau tak url link the other 5 bloggers tuh? kenal tak depa sume tuh?? famous woii!!

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