RM’s new template is launched…

I put this as a sticky mode kejap yer

bagi kita dengo feedback from readers dulu, new entries ada kat bawah.  btw for those yang bukak RM via IE, harap bersabar, sirman masih lagi dalam prosess mengrepair, meanwhile pls open via mozilla. Those baca RM via IE shouldnt face any problem ye skang, sumer dah tiptop. kalau korang takleh bukak gak, do dload the latest mozilla/ie bagai lah.

what do u think wt RM’s new template?

red of cos lah mesti main colour, but the main point is, the contents tak lari banyak mana, kita cuba minimise as many as we can.

i will talk bout the sponsor of the template next week after, let s hear from you first kot apa2 korang nak komen. komen kay bukan kondem. kondem tu membunuh namanya. komen boleh kita repair mana yang kurang2 patut ada.

you cant complain on the colour, no cannot, cos that s the power of Redmummy, red is a must hahahahaha!

Sirman dah repaired font for entries, jadi beso to this size, n btw, red template is better to use with white font colour ye, takkan ko nak suh aku tulih ngan ungu ijau hitam plak? cuba ko buat, tengok apa jadi.


oh yes pls do let us know yeah, so the sponsor and Sirman can work out on that.

thanks korang 🙂

**chop chop! korang suka font size ni ke orang nak smaller lg than this font ek? ni font baru agak besar than usual, so pls let me know.

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