Imbasan Diari 2009

I told you, i wont be doing the synopsis of RM for 2009, but i have a good manager, he has compiled and searched in RM and it took him 5 hours to do this. thanks Sirman!


– Abang mula sekolah Year 2, a Chinese school and sekolah agama in the morning.  Gegirl mula masuk kindy, also in chinese kindy.

– Blog events – Levi’s Curve & MAS

– Pengalaman ngeri bila nak amik gambar utk blog.

– Abang starts his taekwando lesson, Gegirl starts her gymnastic class.

– redmummy appeared in Kosmo – Meraikan Blog Redmummy, cerita pasal Pot Luck gathering Dec 2008

GBM forum launched.

– Attended AJL 2008

– Red family holiday in Jakarta

– RM & Kastam berdamai 😉


– Menang 32″ LCD Sony TV for Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out post event.

– Tak penah2, leh gi layan Muay Thai Kick Boxing

– Blog Events – Ribena, MAS Simulator, Social Event with Nuffnang,


– RM 1st session with Red Glow

– New DSLR for Sirman.

– Visiting my ITM in Jengka – mengimbau kenangan lama gitu 😉

– Family Retreat in Cherating


– RM vs Cikgu Abang

– Blog events – Maxis Music Bash, HomeSchool with MamaFiza, RedGlow make up class,

RM’s car sticker was launched – ai read

– RM as Loreal’s hair model. Appreared in 2 magazines.


– RM & Sirman ke Jakarta lagi, singgah gak ke Bandung under MAS

– Blog events – LG Launch Blog party & won 32″ LCD LG TV, Maybeline

– RM & GBM visited Rumah Nur Salam


– Blog events – Johnson Jom Main, RedGlow’s class for GBM,

– My parents & brother pergi umrah.

– Bought Lenovo netbook

Shop@RM starts. 1st sale was Shoes

Reddy becomes part of Red family

– Gegirl in Berita Harian

– Still defending the Champion title for Ladies chess

July Blogger Awards 2009 – menang Blog Lifestyle Wanita Terbaik & Anugerah Utama – Blog Terbaik

– Blog events – Nona & Bodyshop, Prudential

– reached 2M

– Redmummy turned 34


Kemek becomes part of Red family

– Blog events – LUX, Lilcalliph Parenthood expo,

– Ambassador to Red Glow

– Facebook Fan Page was launched


– Blog events – Ogawa, McDonalds, Adidas Action 3, MAS

– Abang was confirmed H1N1

– Redmummy in Project Alpha

Twitter for redmummydotcom

– Red family in Red & Gold for Hari Raya Aidilfitri


– Blog event – Clinique

– Redmummy won Prada handbag

– RM is called Ratu Advertorials in the blogging world.

– Finalist for Nuffnang Asia Blog Award

– Few of dresses for RM attending the event was sponsored by MyBajoo


– Blog events – MAS, Xfresh, Nippon

– Redmummy in Ewah-ewah TV3

–’s new template was launched and sponsored by Creativebytes

– Redmummy visited Hong Kong Disneyland under Nuffnang

– Mak Ajah went to Haji

Photography class for Sirman was sponsored by Adhadi.


– 10 lucky readers from RM mendapat tajaan belajar make up di RedGlow

–  Gegirl belajar violin

– Blog events – SK-II, Mister Potato, P1 Wimax, Kraft, HP

Red Batik dress by the sponsor

CV akhirnya siap dan kunci rumah berada di tangan, mana nak cekau 100k ni nak buat reno? heheeee


Only for 2009, more than 70 advertorials and sponsorship have been published in RM, mostly under Nuffnang and private companies serta individual. Most of the ads tu RM kena attended the event but we didnt put it all in the synopsis, it s all in the advertorial category. Coming soon, i hope, more business to come. at least saya ada trust from the readers and those investing in RM.

I have stopped planning my vacation due to lots of project in RM, not only for 2009, but for the coming 2010 , tak boleh nak plan holiday panjang coz takut clash with blogjob. But i wish my one dream will come true, currently mengumpul duit sesangat for our CV’s house.

Ada banyak lagi simpulan sejarah 2009 dalam kenangan but i guess, yang ni pun cukuplah kot….Of course ada suka  gembira tangis pilu melonjak girang, but seperti tahun2 yang dulu jugak, drop off semua yang sedih piang tuh, lets target to have a good life, a good blog.

Dengan bantuan korang, the readers –  hope RM is spreading more and more and kamu suka singgah membaca cerita di RM, wpun hanya sebagai SR or ada yang sudah menjadi rakan sahabat via blogging. Selamat tinggal 2009, selamat datang 2010.

Love and thanks to all

from the one and only Redmummy

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