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I m Redmummy, every time I attend any event related to RM, I will wear red outfit. But for today, u gonna see me in dark blue shirt, black suit is a must since I just finished my permanent job hehehehehhe. So how come I turned into blue and black, coz I m carrying the red bulky handbag lor. Kang aku pakai baju merah, abih korang tak nampak mana satu aku mana satu hbag. Huhuuuuuuuuu.

Hui tak pernah2 buat entry into gitu, la ni kena buat coz ye lah korang kang sumer notify, but since they are expecting the red mama, they served me red juice. Nice ha? It s a pleasure of RM to come down to SK-II Isetan KLCC, for a one touch review on the best Facial Treatment Essence.

Let me just be honest, I m not an SK-II user. Not that I dont want to try or use it before, but I guess when I started using the skincare product aku rasa tak affordable for me with SK-II. At that point of time lah.

Now rasanya dah bolehlah kot, lagipun aku tak specific ngan satu jenis product sahaja, aku leh pakai cleanser brand nih, toner brand tuh, moisturizer brand gini, same goes to make up set gak.

So ada problem tak ngan kulit muka aku bila pakai campur2? I ve done so many times skin check with the professionals, thank god I dont have much skin problems except the pigments on the cheek. Sebab tu lah aku selesa pakai macam2 brand, not a big deal for me. Tapi for u girls n boys out there, jangan ikut step saya, coz kulit memasing tak sama rencahnya.

first thing you need to do before u decide to buy any of skin product, do a skin test first. This machine looks like an ipod, pertama di Malaysia, satu-satunya machine or gadget yang paling canggih. It checks through your inner part. Skin kita ni ada 3 jenis jer, yang meletup cun masih boleh diselamatkan, second one pulak peringkat medium, n last of course memang dah inner dalam tu memang sangat2 perlu diberi perhatian.

im in the first position. Ok cool. I love you lah the skin. Tak sesia sepanjang berpuluh tahun aku dulu pakai air paip jer hahahahaha.

I ve done lots of entries bout the way of doing proper make up, also the skin care too. Apa kena pakai dulu, apply on the face, now let me repeat again. Tak kira lah ko pakai make up or not, nak tidur or baru bangun tidur, always apply make up remover. This yang orang selalu abaikan.

you wont see over a mirror muka korang yang masih lagi ada tapisan make up lama or bedak foundation, but when we did a test on my hand, one side is removed straightaway using cleanser, and one side pulak using make up remover. So do remember, pakai make up remover.

Next followed by Cleansing Oil and Cleanser. Cleansing oil pun aku dah cakap, it s more for the mascara, senang nak tanggal, itu bonusnya, but the beauty part, is for your face and neck, lebih ketara hilangnya serbuk2 make up yang ada or debu2 yang bertempek selama kita tidur or being at outdoor. Then followed by Clear Lotion, it s like a toner. A must!

Lastly the Essence. This is the best!!!

While im checking my skin, 4 other female bloggers were invited to the SK-II Chrismas Mini Event too, and of course non of us are SK-II users as well. So the review will be basically how the new user like us apply the product specially for Essence.

Aku rasa dalam banyak2 product SK-II, tang Essence ni lah yang paling aku nak highlight kan sangat. The essence ni pakai after all the Clear lotion / toner. Usage amount of Essence dalam 50cent coin kita, hold the cotton pad and tap on the Essence. Soak it to the cotton pad, make sure cukup agak2 lah, and pat on your face and leher. Kalau ko dry skin, boleh nampak the fibers get stuck onto skin, if that happens apply more Essence on the cotton pad.

Tekejut plak aku bila Essence ni sudah berada di market for over 30 years in the world! And dalam market Malaysia sudah 17 tahun. Wow! Memanglah kita ramai tak tahu, coz our thinking macam SK-II ni mahal sangat kan. Takper mahal sket tapi berpanjangan rawatan mukanya.

The price for Essence 75ml is RM187, 150ml is RM328 and for 215ml is RM418.

Worth to buy, if you dont want to change your current skin care but try to consider the Essence coz Redmummy pun dah menambah koleksi product skin care to from other brands to SK-II. I m not changing, pls bear in mind, but I add up.

Since Christmas is coming, lots of miracle of Pitera transform you for SK-II product, semua jatuh dengan harga promosi gegiler, and sebab korang malas tol nak check harga, aku willingly letak the price and the promo only for you yang berjinak2 dengan SK-II or maybe to the old users too…

SK-II Pitera miracle Gift Set at just RM199 (worth RM270) yang akan kamu dapat ialah Facial Treatment Cleanser, Clear Lotion, Essence and Skin Signature, Mask.

SK-II Pitera Discovery Set at just RM341 (worth RM473), iskk banyak beza nih…koleh dapat Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Essence, Cleansing Gel, Clenaser and Skin Signature.

SK-II Pitera Commitment Set at RM478 (worth RM648) boleh dapat Facial Treatment Cleanser, Essence, Cleansing Gel, Clear Lotion, Mask and Skin Signature.

SK-II Pitera Radiance Set RM823(worth RM1126) includes Facial Treatment Essence, Whitening Source DermDefiniation, Cleansing Gel, cleanser, Clear Lotion and Whitening Source Derm-Revival Program for 4pcs.

Dan bestnya setiap satu set yang korang amik akan dapat the red make up big box. Red tuuu! Merah merah banyak ong and banyak wanggg! Xmas weii!!

The 5 ladies with different age and skin type have tested and proven that SK-II Facial Treatment Essence sesuai untuk kami berlima…1 mother at the age of 34 (Redmummy), 1 young mother at the age of  26 (Iza), 3  young girls  (Cynthia, Haze and Eiling) , kami happy jer try and error the Essence product. For 30 years in market, I encourage my lovely readers to try it too…

no harm of trying, kalau tak suite korang, you can always return it back to SK-II and get the refund back. They apply the happiness of the users, so try first, else get the smallest bottle, mbe from there u can see the difference of your skin. But give sometime and must apply twice a day, morning and at nite. Kalau malas tak nampaklah bezanya muka korang tuh…


Credit this photo to Haze, since I didnt bring my own phographer (camera was totally from the blur small handy camera of mine). Btw, look at the glowing Essence, my skin from this photo is still new to the Essence but search my photos after a month of this review been out, you see the difference?

I m one happy user of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence…the product that I add up to my skin care basket. Btw, saya bukan nak nampak muda but I look after my skin carefully, though till now people will be saying….

kak red you are 34 but you dont look like 34 at all, macam midst 20s jer….

if few years go, my reply was ‘that s bcoz I m petite lady kot’

but today my reply is ‘that s bcoz of the skin care products that suit me better, one of them is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence’

So to girls,  happy trying  but to boys, get one for your loved ones, eh boys pun boleh pakai jugak tau!

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