32″ Sony LCD Bravia from Friso/Nuffnang…

ai started my first advertorial job on Mac 2008, and my first ads was Friso which was posted on May 2008.

Followed by another ads on Friso on June 2008.

Time flies, somewhere on end Oct/early Nov, ai was approached by Friso and Nuffnang to be one of their top parenting bloggers to attend a huge event under the name Nuffnang and Friso Brings Your Family Day Out which was held on  29 Nov 2008. Ai accepted the invite with honour, of course.

For that event, readers, parents, bloggers are invited to write about the Friso and everyone stand a chance to win 3 days and 2 nites to Hong Kong for 2 adults and 2 kids, fully sponsored by Friso. My entry was posted too, though ai got a personal invite from them. but ai m just trying like everyone lah kan, mbe ai got the luck to be a winner, entry was posted on Nov 17. The winner was announced during the Nuffnang and Friso Brings Your Family Day Out – sawanila.com . Congratulations Yati and Kheirul and your lovely kids!

They will be leaving to Hong Kong next month, bon voyage gang, you won!! Enjoy Hong Kong, enjoy Disneyland!


But for those yang kalah, you may try again to shoot a post on the event, and you may get a chance to win a 32″ LCD TV from Sony. So ai shot my entry on the event, which was posted on 30 Nov 2008.

Nuffnang’s blog pun ada jugak citer2 for the event, which you can get the link from here and also here. Btw, the event was also covered by the medias, redmummy and family was also appeared in NST through this link and at few other newspapers.

After posting my last entry on the event, ai totally forgot bout the contest. Since ai didnt get any calls or emails related to the blog post that ai posted for winning the LCD TV, ai tot, aku kalah dah lah kan.

Life goes on as usual.



But on 5 February, Sirman called me (we both were working that time) told me that Nuffnang just sent out an email announcing the winner. n the winner goes to redmummy.com! (bear in mind, my blog my nuffnang account is managed by sirman, so tu pasal apa2 kes aku bukan orang pertama dapat tau, coz he manages everything).

The email was sent by Robb from Nuffnang, and ai announced it in my blog on the nite itself.

Dear beloved Nuffnangers,

We thank you for your patience in awaiting the judges decision to select the winner of this contest. The contest winner was a tough one for the judges to  decide as many of you wrote extremely well on the event itself. However, as all contest must have only 1 winner, the judges have finally came to their agreement for the winner of the 32? LCD Sony TV.

The best written blog post for Friso Family Day Out post even contest goes to Redmummy for her blog post – http://redmummy.com/2008/11/30/nuffnang-friso-family-day-out/

Congratulations Kak Red for your new LCD TV. We’ll contact you shortly to arrange for the TV to be sent to your home directly.

Nuffnang and Friso would like to thank everyone else for your participation and look forward for more exciting contests and events from us in the near future.




Arrangement was made and on Saturday 21 February, the 32″ LCD Sony (Bravia) is ours!

So that’s the brief story on our history with Friso, ai hope redmummy.com will work more closely with Friso more, in the near future. Thank you Friso and of cos to Nuffnang!

Just that, please bear in mind…tak semua orang happy with my happiness, so ai quote back Robb’s comment after the announcement of the winner been made:

Hi all,

All racial based comments or unreasonable dispute against the final decision made by judges will be removed. Please bear in mind that this is a public platform and as such, you are responsible for your expression especially if it incites hate or contains slanderous statement and if requested, will be released to legal officers.

Do take note that Nuffnang has never acted in favor of race, culture, religion or other society groups in deciding in any contest or events as these decisions are made fully based on quality of contest entries.


Terima kasih kerana membaca entry yang panjang ini kerana di sebalik senyumpan pun ada jugak kepahitan, tp di sebalik kejayaan yang kita kecapi, tidak semua orang bersuka ria sama, dan jugak sentiasa ingat, kalau hari ini kita menang, esok tak mungkin berpihak pada kita, so work had, think smart.

Never give up!

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