Friso Gold…(latest entry is at the bottom of this post)

this special entry is dedicated for my little Gegirl wt her new Friso Gold, i will keep this entry on top of the page for 2 days, the updated entry as usual, at the bottom of this entry yeah.check it out!

Inside or outside, it matters where your child play, germs just can’t be avoided. Yes mum, like it or not, the little blighters are everywhere. But honestly, that really shouldn’t be a cause of concern. Daily exposure to all sorts of strange viruses, bacteria, germs and the like is absolutely natural. More importantly, it’s really key to boosting your child’s immunity. And so are the benefits of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. For starters, good food helps keep kids well when they are young. It also helps build resistance to illnesses later in life. Example, Friso Gold 4 is formulated with Frisoshield™, a nutritious blend of prebiotics (FOS), probiotics (L. reuteri), nucleotides, selenium and mixed carotenes, Friso Gold 4 also has DHA, AA and SA for your child’s overall development. And while that may not sound too tasty, it’s a mix that really helps build a body’s natural resistance. All of which makes Friso Gold 4 an everyday must-drink milk. Because nothing makes a child happier than good health. – direct link

ingat tak masa kita kekecik dulu, or even u have kids some of the packaging macam ko nak amik botol susu and use the spoon, x banyak sket mesti tangan jari2 ko tu kena gak susu2 itu ginilah the new hygiene pack introduced by Friso. bagus gakkan…so takdelah riuh ko nak korek2 sudu susu tu. ha bolilah, dah mula ada kat market. tapi kadang2 kita as a mom pun susah gak nak tukarkan susu anak2 kita kalo dah biasa ngan susu A nak tukar ke susu Z…but kita kena pakai teknik yang betul.

apapun susu badan tetap yang the best. aku menetekkan abang sampai dia 6 bulan, utk gegirl x sampai 4 bulan. paling sedih part gegirl coz dia x nak lsg susu formula, so aku mmg bawak pump to office, menangis2 dia kat umah nakkan susu badan gak. aku mintak budi bicara despatch boy aku dulu, aku bagi upah sket mintak dia antokan susu yang aku dah perah ke umah mak aku. gitu lah kan… gegirl ko ingat tau ni camne mak kau nak bagi ko minum dulu, meraung2 x nak susu formula.

so tips utk korang tukarkan susu A ke susu A, day 1 to day 3 bagi susu A pastu 3rd day bagilah Friso. day 4 to 6 ko naikkan lagi, 2 ari terakhir bagi Friso, ari ke 4 bagi susu A. ari ke 7 – 10, ari pertama je ko bagi current susu A, pastu maintainkan ngan susu Friso, insyallah they will forget the susu A.

Sounds simple as it can be. Gegirl is happy and kadang2 dah makan nasi pun asked for her Friso milk. She is happy drinking the milk. She may look big to you but she s not even 4 years old yet. susu walau dah besar pun, is a continue drinking milk, for the rest of our life. The Friso Gold is halal. Khidmat pesanan masyarakat Friso Gold is brought by .

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