Pelangi Khamis…


di balik ujan ribut taufan ku

ada pelangi 🙂


meh sesama kita gembira dan terima kasih to the God

rijiki anak-anak wpun aku tidak dpt ke Hong Kong

tapi saya mahu tersenyum seketika

pelangi khamis..


Dear beloved Nuffnangers,

We thank you for your patience in awaiting the judges decision to select the winner of this contest. The contest winner was a tough one for the judges to  decide as many of you wrote extremely well on the event itself. However, as all contest must have only 1 winner, the judges have finally came to their agreement for the winner of the 32″ LCD Sony TV.

The best written blog post for Friso Family Day Out post even contest goes to Redmummy for her blog post –

Congratulations Kak Red for your new LCD TV. We’ll contact you shortly to arrange for the TV to be sent to your home directly.

Nuffnang and Friso would like to thank everyone else for your participation and look forward for more exciting contests and events from us in the near future.

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