Friso Gold 2 (latest entry kat bawah this entry ye)

Hello readers and frens,

last month, i have promoted bout this special Friso Gold for my little gegirl. Today pun, ai wanted to do the same, but basically nak more tekankan lagi on how to change the current milk to friso gold.

Selalunya yang payah nak menukar susu ni is for the babies lah. yang dah besar sket macam gegirl senang pulak kita nak menukar.

so tips utk korang tukarkan susu A ke susu A, day 1 to day 3 bagi susu A pastu 3rd day bagilah Friso. day 4 to 6 ko naikkan lagi, 2 ari terakhir bagi Friso, ari ke 4 bagi susu A. ari ke 7 – 10, ari pertama je ko bagi current susu A, pastu maintainkan ngan susu Friso, insyallah they will forget the susu A.

Friso has come out wt their own system on changing the milk, senang je utk mak pak like all of you:

Day 1 – 3 : Continue regular feeding wt current milk formula for 1st, 2nd and 4th feed.
: Use Friso Gold wt Frisoshield for the 3rd feed

Day 4 – 6 : Continue regular feeding with current milk formula for 1st and 4th feed
: Use Friso Gold with Frisoshield for the 2nd and 3rd feed

Day 7 – 10: Continue regular feeding with current milk formula for 1st feed only
: Use Friso Gold with Frisoshield for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th feed

Day 11 – 14 : Congratulation!!! Friso Gold with Frisoshield is now your child’s favourite milk!!! sonang baitu kan??

For gegirl, since shes turning 4 yrs this Sept, it s not that hard to change her regular milk. aku tukarkan je terus x pakai formula atas ni. Semua dia boleh sumbat. Look at her face lam entry ni, dia boleh habiskan sebotol in one go jer. Oh dia dah x minum susu pakai botol susu, malu katanya kan, mestilah dia nak minum lam bekas susu Barneynya itu.

Have you tried the friso gold? ai know some of my readers dah pi carik and beli this Friso Gold, to those yang belum cuba try, go darling, let s get one for your little kiddo!!! To get the first episode of the Friso Gold, kindly click here

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