Friso Brings My Family Out…

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Like every other year, despite my busy schedule and such, ai will always make time for my family to go for a holiday. Even if it’s a short and simple one, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the time spent. The quality time spent.

So what’s your ideal family day like? My family’s most favourite holiday hotspot is definitely a day out at the beach! Away from the hectic and busy town of KL, the four of us will always be in high spirits when talking about our next trip to the beach. The smell of freedom is in the air. Hiks…

And do you know what ai like most about family days? There will always be good memories to cherish in many years to come. (Thank god for this blog and the camera too!)

By good memories it means… Trying something which I have never done before and that is with my own son. Parasailing! I am sure Abang will remember and cherish this moments when he grows up. Huhuuu…

parasailing for mom and son

Simple yet sweet isn’t it? And it would be even sweeter if ai were to get a fully sponsored retreat under the flag of the place where I work… That’s gonna be a double bonus. Hehehehe. ai love paid holidays! 🙂

Here’s my advice.
A family day doesn’t have to be something exclusive or vavavoom.

It can be an evening at the park or,

A swimming session with daddy

Or just a stroll for the fresh air with mummy

Even a simple dinner or a trip to the shopping mall can be a family event for us. Like ai said, what matters most is the quality time spent. Our kids will only be kids until they have reached a certain age in a matter of time.

Ai am sure that if you have been a follower of, you will know how close we are with one another. : p

Why is such an ‘Family Day’ activity/event important for your children? This is because, it is to educate the kids about the importance of it as one day, the kids will follow our example instead of our advice. You get what ai mean?

“You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.  –Desmond Tutu”

Nuffnang and Friso are having its first Family day out on 20 November 2008 Saturday at 10am to 2pm, venue will be at the Kidzsports & Gym of One Utama. Everyone are invited, do visit Nuffnang’s blog for the terms and conditions.

Such a coincidence when Gegirl has always been a die hard fan for Friso Gold too

and how ai really really wish, the 4 of us can be in Disneyland Hong Kong for the best Family Day ever. Of course it is NOT when Nuffnang and Friso chooses me to be their guest lah. But as the winner for the best creative blog post. Why do you think ai m writing this???

kalo x menang plasma TV, pi Disney HK lagi better kan?

Disneyland HK, wait for us will you?

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