CNY Dinner wt Malaysia Airlines

sat nite, ai had a dinner with MAS, Agency and Bloggers (supposedly 25 bloggers). Dinner was held at the Mum’s Place, Damansara Perdana. kira jauh lah kan tu pasal sirman had to send me.  Let s take a look on the photos, details on the MAS meeting, ai x nak cakaplah yer, but of cos lah kalau MAS and bloggers tu, paham2 lah apa kekdahnya dia punya requirements.


the souvenirs from MAS



there were 3 tables full of agencies, MAS and Bloggers, a bit difficult to hang out and chat with the other tables lagipun the place nih memang cramp sangat…jalan berlaga hips kowang tuh (gegirl x bagi sebut bontot, kena sebut hip)





asam pedas ikan jenahak dia tu kan, ayoooo………..bapak lah sedap!!! n kompem aku nak ajak sirman dinner kat sini, serious weiii manyak sodapp, aku kan pencinta asam pedas


my empty plate…either ai was so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy or mmg the white rice dia sikit bebenor..


my dessert, bila bukak citer Baskin Robbins arituh, terus aku teringin nak makan the banana split


SM, redmummy, Anna from Agency and KY *have to declare that KY is my black chinese boipren, kekasih gelap cinaku hehehehehehehe. ai m quite comfirtable with him lah, dahlah lawak, ngan gegirl pun dia nak buat bergaduh! anw we work under the same roof!


his hand his body, tatoo bersepah-sepah….hensem woo Huai nih, u wanna get to knw him?

this s the link 🙂


Gegirl and Sirman joined me few hours after that, tp sirman dok kat luor, dia anto anak keciknya je kat aku..sementara tunggu aku abih siap ngan event MAS nih, dia ngan gegirl went to TTDI (nak jugak pi sana!) and pi massage kakinya kat the famous massage cino aku dulu tuh.


This is Anna, she s from the Agency, the one yang uruskan the bloggers and MAS meeting, my 2nd time meeting her, first time dulu aku jumpa x leh nak blog kan coz ai dont want to give early surprise to my readers ehehehehheeh, boleh gitu. Shes pretty kan? ehem ehem….u can try your luck.


Ai remember you redmummy, we used to email to each other last few yrs. Glad that your blogging stage is on the track, keep it up redmummy…

Yelah kau, ko hengat senang aku nak maintain this red page, ai sacrificed a LOT!


the 4 macho bloggers and redmom

SM, Sixthseal, KK and ohsiauuu – abang comel anak umur 7 yrs not sending the son to chinese school, ai forgot your name! sorry 🙂

if u remember my Brands event in spore last time, KY, Suani, KK, SM and myself….like gathering for us plak jumpa kat sini. miss them, miss the event, miss the get together…


CindyRinggo, Thomas and the abang ceria wearing blue shirt

so ai guess bloggers out there, it s time for u guys to have a blogging call card! meeting 20 bloggers at one time some more that s the first meeting to you with new faces, u really2 need to have a tag on your shirt hehehehehehhehe, macam potluck . susah weii nak ingat nama2 orang, nama lain nak ingat blog url pun satu. ha kau! gini lah jadiknya….

but lucky me, being the only pompuan merah, sonang baitu for them to remember? jangan tipulah….. hikss


pas makan, everyone dok ngamik gambo sana gambo sini

chat tuh chat nih


the 3 important ladies from MAS, jodoh pulak kalo korang nak tau, the spekie lengloi tu aku nye opismate lama hahahahahahah, she s heading this team. cool 🙂 . Salina and amoi dress dark biru, huh serious lupa nama padalahal borak sakan….sorry ye moi, ai m tua oredi.

btw, ai ll be working closely with them and the Agency for the MAS project.


we left together kuor sesama with Kennysia and Thomas.

Ok kenny x yah intro lah, satu antero kenal him kan, Thomas dah 2 kali aku jumpa dia, very easy je nak recognized, kurus n talllllllllllllllllllllll!


25 bloggers, tapi lam this photo x cukup coz ada yang dah balik awal, ada yang plak yang x dpt datang



the not so complete red family…

kubilang yar, ni kebetulan je depa pakai sesama merah, aku dah tentulah merah2 kan, but sirman n gegirl banyak nau baju merahnya…red little diva – soon she will have a blog mbe or mbe just hahahahaha manyak la berangan kau!

anw, ai m happy with the dinner, very short and straight forward…TQ Agency and TQ MAS team.

so u gonna see some of my writings will be related to MAS,  do stay with me the and please spread to the world about red merah blog menyala ni to everyone. Coz you never know, aku mungkin mahu bawa kamu 🙂

Ai know chedet’s blog is the most famous blogger in Malaysia currently, and ai read in the newspapers as well, the top 5 bloggers pun rankingnya jatuh to the men, awek2 takdak, not even pompuan melayu blogger. so you need to help me to promote, coz korang kena pastikan ai m on that list too.

Hey, we gotta help each other kan? if u think my red blog is famous, selagi nama aku x dak on the list tuh, ai really need your promotion.

Thankies 🙂

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