Lovely Eve Day…


there s another reason for me taking leave on friday

both me and sirman…without kids too

remember ai wanted to have a fully service breakfast on the bed…

my client sent me to one of the 5 star hotel in KL, will talk about the client detaily, ni client lain, bukan client yang aritu bagi aku 3 hotel kat kl, msia and bali/phuket tuh yer….

to my client thanks for the 2 nites and 3 days stay ….


the hotel is nice

the room is big

tapi apalah kiranya cuti yang lama

tanpa anak2

our first nite hanya berduaan

but the following nite, the kids are joining the parents, for sure…


ai m one happy lady 🙂

coz today is the day my Reddy turns 3 months old



coz ai got a get away from keje2 umah hiksss

dapat melena memalas atas katil hotel…


kami berdating di petang jumaat di tengah kuala lumpur

sampai aku naik muak dah ngan pavillion tuh

the next mall pastinya ke BB and Lot 10 jer lah…

pi Star Hill kang kena pandang atas bawah ala2 Kerana Darjat plak kan…..


sirman brought me to a dinner

a surprise dinner with frens

that s not good!

ai hate it but ai thank them a lot!

jaga korang!!!


The room number 🙂


what a coincidence hikss….


and ai found one piece of card

under the pillow di dalam bilik hotel ku

thanks for the treat..

to frens, to clients, to family, GBM of course, Sirman and lovely kids


but ai still have to cover 2 events today

on 11 of July

wa carik makan mar…… 🙂

there s nothing special on the date, ai just love the numbers….

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