Redmummy is going to Hong Kong Disneyland!!!


Yey! RM is going to Hong Kong!! tq Nuffnang for taking me out to Hong Kong yey!! Specially thanks to Hong Kong Disneyland,the main sponsor for our trip, the 8 bloggers to visit Disneyland.


the bosses of Nuffnang, Ming and Tim

1 more blogger from Singapore to join is Estee of Geek Goddess.

Hah gambo2 banyak asal dari Nuffnang Blog Asia Awards in Singapore, itu yang paling latest event senang tangkap gambar ngan ramai orang 🙂


Wendy @ Xiaxue and bf Mike will be joining in the trip too…

itu je gambo yang aku ada with Wendy when we were on stage last month.


Audrey will be in the trip too….wahh syok syok! girls out day again.


n soon to be my roommate in Hong Kong Disneyland – Ringo!!!

babe, semua orang ada gf and bf lah, kita pahtoh jadi gf bf ok?

ok i hold your camera, u hold mine!


satu katil Ringo satu katil RM 🙂


Hey Mickey and Minnie!!

Redmummy is coming over to Disneyland Hong Kong, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

To Nuffnang and Hong Kong Disneyland, thank you for the big sponsorship, appreciate it so much. tapi kalau ada Sirman and kids lagi gerek kan hahahaha. pasnih pi Paris pulak lah yer……mana sponsor Paris aku ni tak sampai2 lagi wuiii??

all fully sponsored you, from flight, makan, hotel and tour!! aku cuma bawak duit beli fridge magnet jer hiihiiiiiiii 🙂

so now, excuse me, i need to catch my  flight to Hong Kong……

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