Oh si merah Miu Miu…


Miu Miu has opened its outlet in KLCC! waaaa…baru aku pi tengok. went there after lunch as usual wt someone yang no longer call herself being normal, but now newborn with Liza365. bape puluh kali la ko nak tukar blog yang oiii….

technically we are working in the same roof, same parents but hardly to meet…nak lunch meeting ngan each other  pun susah nak match

Red, kita nak meeting or bitching?

haaahhaha kita shopping lah lagi pekdah!

eh ko ni tidur ke tak hah? menguappppppp jer!


do you know Liza dari taun lepas still on diet, n as of now her weight dah kurang 10kgs. yet aku dah naik 3kgs heheheheheh…3 tu banyak kay. i stop taking SIY for a while tapi tak sangka plak ke main mendadak sihat aku makan lately ni. she s so dedicated and determined, she sets in her mind to slim down, and she did it!

aku? hhahahaahhaa

apakan daya, napsu makan ku semakin santak! not the very good kay.


i love this Miu Miu!!!


well now talking back bout Miu Miu, im in love wt the red hbag yang ni ha, the price is cheaper if you compared than the chanel lah kan, at least half price. i wanted this so much. sangat merah and sangat trendy!

i wish to get it from oversea lah, beli kat msia ni mahal kebenor yang oii….

that probably my next investment, waaa…sudah kucintaaaaaaaaa.

Oh btw, i m selling my designer handbags too, but i dont sell it in blog lah, aku pilih yang terapat terdekat and the trusted frens only. heheheheh…..

to get a new hbag, i have to let go the old one. investment lah tuh…

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