DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge wt RedNara team!!

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This is going to be a  very interesting post for Saturday. Most of you know Redmummy is involved with the Digi Pimp My Day Challenge, n the RedNara Team is a form of 4 bloggers – Redmummy, RedDaddy, Beautifulnara and Maya.

It was a very lovely Saturday of 9th January, at the MardiGras of One Utama, kami menjadi peserta untuk the best challenging treasure hunt. yohooooooooooo!!

Digi Pimp My Day Challenge is proudly sponsored by Digi Internet, in collaboration with Nuffnang!


Maya, Redmummy, Sirman @ RedDaddy and Beautifulnara

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wow, very the semangat semua orang kan…kuning menyala2 kay. ok let s the party begins. since i m just given like less than an hour to post this entry, i m gonna make a very quick story. as long as korang tau the fun yang kitorg dapat while we are here at the Digi Pimp My Day Challenge!

i pulled back this entry on saturday coz they allow us to submit before midnite of 10th 🙂

Here are the 8 challenges that we have to complete & compete 😉


DIGI INTERNET PIMP MY DAY CHALLENGE with Nokia Studio – Now, the net lives on your phone!

we have to watch youtube video using Nokia phone & after that based on the video we need to solve the puzzle using “dictionary on our hand”


DIGI INTERNET PIMP MY DAY CHALLENGE with Rainforest – Bulls eye!

as you can see, apa lagi sumpit la & hoping to kena the bull eye!



have to come out with short commercial based on DiGi Internet & Swatch

watch our funny video!

digi 067


to create our own playlist on digimusic.com.my

digi 077

DIGI INTERNET PIMP MY DAY CHALLENGE with Quicksilver – SuperModel You!

pose as creative as possible with QuickSilver’s wardrobe 🙂


DIGI INTERNET PIMP MY DAY CHALLENGE with MardiGras – So you think you can dance?

hah, pole dancing but they said being athletic kay, the best that we can do!


DIGI INTERNET PIMP MY DAY CHALLENGE with Celebrity Fitness – Average Likely Speed

when was the last time we running for 800m ya… hmmm since our school day!!!  but today we have to do it to complete the challenge… argggggg tiringgggggggggg. luckily the threadmill speed can be adjusted so we just can walk heheheheheee


last but not least, we couldn’t finish the final task DIGI INTERNET PIMP MY DAY CHALLENGE with It’s a Hit!- It s a Home run! due to time factor. basically its baseball training place, the more u hits the more u get the points!

but all in all

we had so much fun

at least mak pak budak macam kami ni yang dah kertu agak2 boleh memecut gak lah ek, berlari ke sana sini wah best jugak. dpt gak kuor peluh.



results for each category was announced at night and RedNara team didn’t win anything. but i mingled around to meet the Nuffies, Tim and Aud to catch up things. wanted to mix around with other bloggers but everybody seem to be very busy with their group and of cos the lappy.

bloggers being bloggers 🙂

To Nuffnang, Digi Internet and also to Time Solutions, good job to all of you!! Of cos, to all 25 teams with the 100 bloggers of Malaysia, sangat best kan buat task gini, ke main korang yek.

Anw, Digi…ai follow youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!


this task lah yang buat aku sakit pinggang gegiler on the next day, we had to run or jog to complete the task – 800 meters ko! sama dengan 2 pusingan stadium tuh wahahahahahah….memancut2 aku nya peluh!

congratulations everyone, Digi has fulfilled your dream 🙂

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